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"Drs. Latowsky and Young (plus Julie Bauer) have all handled various medical treatments for me. I have been THOROUGHLY IMPRESSED and VERY PLEASED with their knowledge, understanding, and expertise. They have been very helpful in discussing and presenting various corrective and preventative options available. They are very professional, but also very empathetic which I think provides the best of both worlds. I can also say the rest of the staff (front office, aides, assistants, etc.) are top notch. I couldn't be more pleased with the care, attention, and results I have received."  -- Neal P. 2018

"I loved Brenda Latowsky as a doctor and as a person. I’ve already called four friends that wanted to know what I thought about her following my visit, and I told them all I felt so lucky I found her. Perhaps the best thing I can say is she is an "old school" doctor, which I mean in the most complementary way. Let me explain. I’m 65 years old and have noticed over the past few decades that doctors don’t simply DO–they RECORD notes and ask you to return to have what needs to be done at a future appointment. Not Latowsky. My primary concern was my Family Practice physician asked me to go to a specialist to be checked for skin cancer. As she was checking me over, from head to toe, she asked me to point out any concerns I had as she was checking me over. She addressed and solved (little procedures), as she went, everything I pointed out. This was a short 1st visit appointment and I totally expected to return several times to have these issues corrected. I left with all my issues solved. No return appointment necessary. This is not only a very good doctor (who gained my complete confidence) but a wonderful person." – Demand Force Review, 2016

"After two years of frustration and exasperation with my doctor who diagnosed me with Rosacea and thousands of dollars, dozens of meds I was no better and getting worse. Katie figured out in two visits it may be something different and one culture later I was diagnosed with Streptococcal skin infection and prescribed treatment. I’m now happy and optimistic for the 1st time in two years." – John H., 2016

"I was impressed with the excellent customer service and professionalism displayed by the staff. Dr. Latowsky is a brilliant physician. She knew exactly how to treat my skin issues so the resolution was painless and the diagnosis precise." – Demand Force Review, 2016

"The best Derm and staff ever!!" – Demand Force Review, 2016

"The very best doctor you could ever have, and her support staff are outstanding as well!!!!!!!!!" – Tony D., 2016

"Every aspect of my visit and the way I was treated was way beyond expectations; from the front staff to the Dr’s Nurse Practitioner/Asst. to Dr. Latowsky herself. No time waiting to be seen. Extremely courteous and professional and always making sure I had no unanswered questions. Doctor visits are not usually something to look forward to and typically there is some tension. This practice made me feet totally respected, and comfortable with the procedures performed." – Rod Lenniger, 2015

"Today I made my first visit to Clear Dermatology & Aesthetics Center. It proved to be an excellent experience. The service from the doctor and staff was thorough, efficient and completed with kindness and sincerity. The office is clean, spacious and very inviting. My appointment was at 1:00PM. At 1:10PM I was visiting with the doctor and her assistant. Prompt, gracious service–not always found in medical situations but certainly is here. I’m happy to be a patient and to have had the experience." – Jim W., 2015

"Dr LaTowsky and her staff are professional, knowledgeable, and fun. It's wonderful to have a physician who takes the time to explain every procedure thoroughly. She enjoys answering questions and never makes you feel as if she is rushing to her next patient." – P.G. 2015

"Yesterday was my first visit to Clear Dermatology. I had already formed a positive impression of the practice from several telephone conversations while making my appointment. The staff was great and very friendly and helpful making the check-in process fast and easy. After a short wait I was seen by the nurse who was very professional. I don't believe I’ve ever been to ANY doctor’s office where the nurse was so well informed of my history and reason for my visit. I was very impressed. Dr.Latowsky then took me through my treatment options, very thoroughly, so that I could understand the options available to me. She explained past and future treatments in detail. I’m convinced I made the right choice for my skin care needs." – Steve Walker, 2015

"If there was a fan club for dermatologists, I would be the President. The doctors are very thorough, caring, and never make you feel rushed. Starting from the yearly exams for moles to cosmetic advice and nonaggressive but successful injections for the face. Saved me from seriously considering a facelift. Nadyha, my aesthetician, has made such improvements to my skin after years of sunbathing; it’s really amazing the improvement. There are no pushy sales of products, although, I love what Nadyha recommends. She is very knowledgeable of what chemical peels work for certain types of skin quality. I really recommend the whole staff at Clear Dermatology. The girls at the front desk are helpful, polite and fun! I live part of the year in Chicago but wait until I am back in Scottsdale to see all my ladies!" – Marta G., 2015

"I am glad that I found Dr. LaTowsky and Clear Dermatology. My husband is in the medical industry and we were recently out to dinner with some of the top Doctors in Arizona. The conversation was about Surgery Centers and I was drifting until they began to talk about a colleague whose wife is an outstanding Dermatologist! My ears perked up and I asked for Dr. LaTowsky’s contact information.

It was a pleasure meeting her. At the age of 51, I want my skin to look as healthy as possible. I have fair skin and enjoy the outdoors. It has been a week since our visit and I see an improvement already. Today I had a micro peel and your aesthetician, Nadyha, is fantastic. I appreciate her knowledge, the time she spent with me, and the humble way she carries herself. I am excited to be getting my skin in the best health possible. The office appears to be cutting edge yet conservative and that works perfect for me.

Thank you again for sharing your time, knowledge, honesty, and passion. I walked in feeling a bit down about my skin and left feeling beautiful thanks to your kind words, a few important products, and a long term plan!" – Cindy, 2014

"Clear Dermatology is fantastic. I was starting to see that dreaded line between my eyebrows in pictures and it really bothered me. After talking with the office manager, Amy, she convinced me I should consult with Nadyha. She was amazing and then helped me to determine that Botox was the best choice for me. Dr LaTowsky was friendly and professional, but best of all my results were AMAZING! No longer do my pictures have that ugly line. No unwanted stiffness, no pain! After about 6 months I had a touch up and I know I will be a patient of Dr LaTowsky and Clear Dermatology for a long time to help me age gracefully." – Rebecca Anderson

"It is a rare jewel when you find a doctor who not only has great expertise in her profession but is an exceptional human being. Dr. Latowsky listens and responds in a most professional way. I am most grateful to have her as my dermatologist. In my 70 years of life I have not encountered such a doctor. Her staff is "the frosting on the cake!" Every one is so sweet, friendly, competent and even compassionate. I could not wish to be in anyone else’s care." – Jane, 2014

"The office is beautiful and staff is over the top. They really do care about their patients!!! Everyone is extremely professional and very accommodating. Dr. LaTowsky injected me with filler and toxin and was very thorough with her pre injection plan and discussed exactly what I wanted as an outcome with me before she even picked up a syringe. I am actually a previous aesthetics rep and I have seen over a 1000 injections performed by over hundereds of physicians across the United States and have to say that Dr. LaTowsky is one of the best! My results turned out amazing and I am thrilled :) I would recommend Dr. LaTowsky and Clear Dermatology to anyone that wants a positive experience and a natural, refreshed look! LOVE LOVE LOVE :)" – Tracey, 2014

"Dr. LaTowsky has transformed my skin. Not only is she a skilled doctor but she has a warm caring approach giving each patient individualized attention. I rely on her and so does my mother, father, sister in law and niece. Each one of us had the same wonderful experience. We all highly recommend her. Thank you Dr LaTowsky and your wonderful staff." – Jennifer 2014

"I found Dr. LaTowsky through a friend’s referral. So now I’ve referred some friends, too! Referrals are the highest compliment. You will find Dr. LaTowsky professional, knowledgeable and personable. You won’t go wrong with her examination or care."
– Anonymous 2014